::: FireSale “Mind Breath” Album :::

Allow me to introduce to you the best new band in town:


Hometown: Davenport, IA
Genres: Reggae / Dub / Ska / Rock
Label: H.C. Indie Productions
Max Lipnick – Vocals/Guitar
Colton Menke – Lead Guitar/Vocals
Joe Verstraete – Drums
Mckinley Khulmann – Bass

FireSale is an original act out of Davenport, Iowa that mixes Reggae/Dub/Ska/Rock and many other personal influences into their own signature groove. They have been together since 2007 and since then have transformed their sound from playing punk rock covers to writing and performing their own original reggae music. FireSale released a full length Self-titled album in late 2009. They released their second full length album, Mind Breath in August of 2012 and continue to write original material. They have made many regional showings, playing events and venues such as: River Roots Live, Riverssance Art Festival, The Redstone Room, The Mill, RIBCO, and have shared the stage with many talented acts such as Mustard Plug, David Zollo & The Body Electric, Euforquestra, and Dubtonic Kru. Try some…

Firesale asked me to do their album, well actually, I offered to design their album and they accepted. But it seemed right considering the album name came from one of my paintings, which is the cover image. It even made its way into a song written by Max Lipnick called “Mind Pollution”. With a “Mind Breath” you clear away all the garbage. Keep it.

See more Firesale at: https://www.facebook.com/firesaleband.

Here’s the album design. Go get that album, get a T-shirt and get funky.

Joe Verstraete’s Drums – Slick!
Fire Sale Mind Breath T Shirts – Super Sexy!


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