::: Sketchbooks :::

I am forever drawing in my sketchbooks, I am not forever scanning them in however. That is a lot of work to keep up, especially when I have no hardware/software of my own. Nevertheless, keep checking back for the latest and greatest. The best is yet to come!

This (above) moleskin (R.I.P 2010) was my favorite out of all the ones I’ve gone through. It was the most developed moleskins of my life. These are only a few of the drawings I (thankfully) recorded before it fell out my back pocket on the NY subway, never to be found again. My contact info is in there too…   😥

::: 2009-10 (more coming soon … FOR REAL!) :::

::: 2008-09 :::


::: 2005-07 :::

::: 2004-05 :::


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