::: Walls :::

 ::: I absorb it, I reflect it. :::

::: Ceyn Street Lovin – Williamsburg, Brooklyn :::



::: Ghost Floater with Cepose (NTC) – Quad Cities – Halloween 2017 :::


::: Roller Floaters – Paint Louis 2017 – NTC crew :::


::: Celebrating Unity and Diversity through art with the students at PS33 in Queens, NY. :::

PS33 Whole Mural 1PS33 Kids 7

::: Floating in the abandoned train tunnels of East New York, Brooklyn :::Floating through the tunnels20170523_232902814_iOS


::: Floating in the forgotten places of Williamsburg, Brooklyn :::



::: Floating beneath the Williamsburg Bridge in Brooklyn, NY. :::



::: NTC crew wall – Des Moines Social Club – Downtown Des Moines, IA. 9.2016 :::



::: Facebook Mural #2 – “Connections” – 20’x40′ – Facebook Data Center, Des Moines, IA. 9.2016 :::



::: Jesus Saves – Iowa City Catholic Worker House Mural – 2016 :::

::: Little Village magazine article about this project :::


::: Ceyn’t Louis Ceyn – Paint Louis 2016 :::


::: Slangers 2016:::

Banger-Slanger (1 of 1)

::: 2015 – The Year of Nothing :::


::: Paint Louis 2014 – NTC Crew :::

Paint Louis (Full)


::: Minneapolis Murals (2014) at Intermedia Arts (uptown) and around town 😉IMG_1050


::: Facebook Data Center Mural – Altoona, Iowa. June 2014 :::

16’x36′, Latex & Spraypaint.

::: “Floater” – 5Pointz NYC (Round 2) – June 2013 :::

5ptz Floater – LIC, NYC
Floater 5 (No Tag)
5ptz Floater – LIC NYC
Dumpsta Face 2
5ptz – Trash Man












































::: “Lifted” – 24′ x 8′ – Scott Community College Mural, Quad Cities, Iowa :::

::: SCC Mural Press :::

::: “New World” – Artist’s Mark’it Mural 1 (Sept. 2011) – Painted at PS1 in downtown Iowa City. :::

::: “Dark City Sole Search” – Artist Market Mural 2 (Sept. 2011) – Featuring: Ryan Bentzinger, Janis Finkelman, Nate Henry & Yours Truly) – Latex, Enamel, Spray paint, Acrylic, wood, Shoe Sole and half a bag of Oyster Crackers on black cotton/polyester sheet.

 ::: Beach Mural (With Chuck The Duck) – Summer 2011 – Spraypaint. :::

 ::: “The Elements” – Internet Players Studio Mural – May 2011 – Davenport, Iowa :::

” data-wpvideopress=”>” poster=”videopress://>”>

see what the Yoga critics are saying about it!

 ::: “The Twilight Zone” – Spring 2011 – (Commission for the “InZone” in downtown Iowa City) – An elaborate 360 degree mural featuring: Megnetic Joy Ostermann y yo. The Grand Opening & Unveiling Celebration was held on 4/20/11. :::

::: The video below was taken by Megnetic herself. You can really see the 360 degree-ness here, as well as the magic eye illusions we created together! Rad.:::

::: “Pink Tree” – Winter 2010 – (Commission Mural for the Wagner Family) – 11ft x 10ft – spray paint and bucket paint. :::

 ::: “Ghosts” (5 Pointz, New York City) – Summer 2010 (7/20/10) – Featuring: Ely Sotillo – spray paint and bucket paint (aka latex). :::

We traveled to New York City and painted these murals (below) with graff legends Lady Pink,Smith and Cycle – who hooked it up by telling Meres (the CEO of 5ptz.) to give us a good spot there! The subway ran right by us at 5ptz. and sometimes honked as it went by. Beforehand we worked on a huge mural in Queens with Pink and friends (shown below this). Afterwords we ate lunch with graff legend Meres One and Zimad – TD4. Also, Cycle chilled with me on the rooftops as I finished up! After a week of walking everywhere and painting everything, when I got home I slept for 24+ hours straight – what a trip! :::

And so, without further ado, the 5ptz. Mural“Ghosts”

::: And here is the mural in Astoria, Queens that I helped Lady Pink paint the following year, and the next. “The Native People“. A tribute to the Native Americans. My extended family even came out to see it. Thanks for the love fam! :::

::: “Festival” In Downtown Iowa City (Yacht Club Building) – Summer 2010- Featuring: Zech Ward, Ely Sotillo and yours trulyspray paint and bucket paint. :::

::: Summer 2010 – Cedar Rapids Museum of Art Freedom Fest Mural – 8x24ft. – Painted in 4 1/2 hours – Spraypaint and bucket paint – Featuring: Mr. Wilson, Ely Sotillo et moi. This mural is now in the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art (storage ;p) :::

:::  IOWA” – Mural with Lady Pinkfor the University of Iowa Museum of Art – Latex (Bucket Paint) and Spray Paint. Spring/Summer 2010. :::

International Graffiti Legend Lady Pink bestowed upon me the honor of designing the mural! I accepted the task of course, however, I played up the ‘social commentary’ a lot, perhaps a little too much (for my taste), but Pink liked it – which is what mattered to me. She is a fiery socio-political artist, so I catered towards that. Imagery aside, she definitely lit a fire underneath my ass and made me realize that IT IS POSSIBLE TO MAKE IT AS AN ARTIST!!! So Im goin for it! I love that woman. She inspired me to reach for greatness. I want to do the same for others. Ah, the possibilities!

Consensus (Sketch) – Pen and Silver Sharpie

Sketch for the 8×20 ft mural.

Check out some footage of the work in progress.

Also check out the video from the Daily Iowan News!

Press from the UIMA Magazine:

::: “Underground” – NTC crew production – Featuring: Mosh/Testa NTC/TKO, Alone/Apolo NTC, & yours truly – spray paint – 2009. :::

A Semi Truck Mural painted for the zombie thriller movie “Underground”.  Our mural is featured in the ‘rave’ scene.

The left side says “Alone” (by Apolo – NTC), the middle is “Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego“, the 3 holy youths of Babylon who were thrown into a fiery furnace – and danced. from the book of Daniel (By yours truly). The right says “Mosh” (By Tester – NTC/TKO).

::: “Icons” – Chicago neighborhood mural on Kedzie St. off Irving Park (North Side) – Summer 2009 – Spray paint :::

An NTC/TPA Production – Featuring: Ask (TPA), Omen (TPA), & yours truly. With a cameo appearance by JOEY TPA (O.G. & TPA crew founder).

The imagery for this mural came from my love and fascination with Orthodox Christian Iconography. I painted St. Anthony The Great (my patron saints name) and St. Joanna The Myrrh Bearer (my wife Meghan’s patron saint) with Seraphim angels…

“The name seraphim clearly indicates their ceaseless and eternal revolution about Divine Principles, their heat and keenness, the exuberance of their intense, perpetual, tireless activity, and their elevative and energetic assimilation of those below, kindling them and firing them to their own heat, and wholly purifying them by a burning and all-consuming flame; and by the unhidden, unquenchable, changeless, radiant and enlightening power, dispelling and destroying the shadows of darkness.”  – From: Pseudo Dionysius The Aeropagite from his “Celestial Hierarchy”-

The local graff crew FIK (Fill In Kings) member 2Dink came and hung out with us while we painted the wall. His crew passed by real slow hanging out the window, packed into 2 cars. They were checking out us and the wall. 2Dink later told us they liked it and that we wouldn’t have to worry about them or anyone else crossing us out or bombing over the spot. The neighborhood mailman (and O.G. Chi-town writer) came and chilled with us all night after his route talking graff with us. The next day as we were putting the finishing touches on our pieces a guy pulled off to the side of the road got out and told us how much he loved the mural, he then asked me if he could give me a hug! I opened my arms and he hugged me really tight. Ha ha! People kept yelling positive comments at us as they drove by. We lit up that neighborhood for sure. Their is a Mos Def song on his album “The Ecstatic” where he says, “My presence speaks volumes before I say a word,” Images have a presence too, they give off an energy, the very same energy an artist puts into them. This project proved that to me.

:::“Dream” for DVIP (Domestic Violence Intervention Program) – 2008 – Aerosol :::

When I first came to DVIP I didn’t know what to expect. The building isnt marked and even though I had been by it many times I never recognized it. I was cleared in by a young tough scrappy little white girl, walking past a poster of Wonder Woman I saw a bunch of women and little kids running around. Some stopped and stared at me like ‘what is this?’ The girls running this particular project told me that they wanted me to paint “DREAM” on the wall, the rest was up to me. I entered into the kids play room and began to paint. I decided then that I wanted to give these kids something positive and bright. I wanted to give them a confident, tough, young woman to look at; a down to earth Wonder Woman, someone for boys to respect and girls to admire. Ex post facto I noticed that the girl is half black and half white – well, yellow really, but she is glowing! How appropriate, considering the setting. The letters are basic NY style with a fill like a warm sky in a green field. The ‘Dream Girl’s’ hair is flowing in all directions; she is free and unrestrained, not afraid to think different and go beyond the bricks.

 ::: “Anima” – Abstract Reality – With a bag full of rusto and one of my best friends (TT) behind the camera, we scaled the city walls and found a nice roof-top spot to paint a piece (visible from ground level). Although it no longer exists and the name is ancient history, the memory of our roof-top art adventure lives on. (05/07) :::

Music: “Remember Me (Abstract Reality)” by “CunninLynguists”

::: “It’s My Party” – At ‘Rene’$ Ceramic $tudio’ (commissioned mural) – 2007 – $praypaint – Featuring Amy Dixon. :::

 ::: “Skate Church” Mural – Brady St. Davenport, Iowa. Featuring Beelo, Charlie Pollmiller & me – 2006 – Spray paint. :::

 ::: “Palmer College” Street Mural – Davenport, Iowa – Bucket Paint & $pray paint. With help from Felicia Feldman – 2005. :::

Thi$ wa$ one of my fir$t commi$$ioned mural$. I began at 2am and finished by 630 am. Cars drove over it the second it was done until the race began. After I finished painting it, my friends and I got to sit V.I.P. $tyle in the lounge with all the Palmer College big wigs and chow down on a gourmet brunch. I felt like a million bucks, probably because I also got paid a decent sum too, even though its lame and janked as hell. My Dad even yelled at me cuz my lines were sloppy. The best part is the dragon at the top but you cant even see it in these photos.

 ::: Banners for the District of Rock Island Downtown – Acrylic and Posterman Paint Marker – 2004 & 2005. :::

These banners are less mural and more of a stepping stone into a new method of working. One the first one I dont even know why I painted that crap on there. I called it “Grandpas Stories” but my Grandpa never told me scary stories like the ones I depicted. Maybe it was my subconscious longing for some old kook, which I would eventually find (more on Mark ‘Red‘ Louche later). Perhaps it was just because I wanted to paint some nut all up in your face and some crazy monster sci-fi scene? I dont know. Like I said, it was a stepping stone. The next banner was much better in every way. Only acrylic paint was used on that one. I need to find a better pic asap.

::: “Davenport Central Blue Devils” – Airbrush and Acrylic paint – 2004 :::

I was really the only kid that took art very seriously at my high school. My art teachers knew this and asked me to paint a mural. So I got to design and paint this all by myself – The first mural project of my life. Thanks Bill Hammond!

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  2. I have watched you grow up and develop not only as an artist but an exceptional human being. God has blessed you with a wonderful talent and I am so proud to be able to continually see the great artistic creations that come from within. I am very proud of you and your work Tony!

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    1. I love you Kelly! Thank you very much for those great words


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