::: Vertical Mural at SCC :::

April/May 2012 – “Lifted” – 24′ x 8′ – Scott Community College, Quad Cities

This mural was painted sideways using the many thoughts and designs shared by SCC art students and faculty. The ideas that affected me most suggested persevering through life’s hardships through the help of others.  The imagery came from this notion.  I believe it is mainly meaningful relationships that allow us to overcome. Bearing burdens for one another we become stronger individually and collectively. In this way, by lifting each other up we make it possible to thrive in this world.

Some press about the project.

::: Beginning :::

::: Middle :::

::: End :::

::: “Lifted” (24’x8′) Spray Paint & Latex on Panels :::

::: Lifted ::: Anthony Carter 2012 :::


Saying “Thank you!!!” isn’t enough for all that my friends and family have done for me over the years and now. You always surprise me, you make me want to become more and you help me survive this toxic world. Thank you for the true love, I pray I can return it well. My life is not my own, my life is for you. This mural is dedicated to you!

Big Love to Rob Lipnick and Thao Tran at SCC for all their help putting this mural together. I wouldn’t have done it without you!


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