::: Ceramics :::

“There is a remarkable order of men and women called “benders” who can learn to harness their inborn talent and manipulate their native element. The Avatar is the spirit of the world manifested in human form.”

I love “Avatar The Last Air Bender” (the animated series, NOT the movie) because here is a 100 year old 12 year old, and in order to save the world he has to master all 4 elements: earth, air, water and fire! A ceramic avatar must master these elements also in order to save the world. 🙂 Hey, its possible. St. Seraphim of Sarov once said, “Save yourself and thousands around you will be saved”.

Below are examples of my elemental “bending”. My process consists of throwing terra-cotta (mostly – I love the color), bisque-ing, painting using underglazes applied with both airbrush and brush, then re-firing.

As you can see, I cant form faces enough. They always fascinate me. The face resembles the state of the soul. The study of the face is the study of the soul. The study of the soul, ultimately, is the search for God.

Winter 2010 – Face-cup series – Terra Cotta and Underglaze

Sneek Peeker


Little Meghan

Sonny Nemoy



Star Wars Face Cups – I made these for my sister Elithea’s family (the ‘VanNotes’), mainly for my nephew Henry & my niece Clara, but who doesn’t love Star Wars? (More pics soon to come!)

Darth Maul (before final firing)

Ceramic Heads (2010-11)

Ceramic Sculptures/Pots (2009-11)

Ceramic Paintings (2010)

 Other Sculptures, etc. (2006+)

::: Rabbatman – Half Rabbit, Half Bat, Half Man! :::

Car Sculpture (2011) – Created with cardboard, wheat paste, newspaper, wood, paint and a light. We used my old Toyota Celica for the mold.

Chair Sculpture (2011) – What do you do with old broken chairs? Stack em!

2010 – “Two Parts Elephant” Show – At the “Market and Dubuque Space Gallery” near downtown Iowa City.

::: Clay Crew 2010 :::

This collabo ceramic show was created by us (pictured here), including:

(Left 2 Right & Top 2 Bottom) Yours Truly, Evan Hoadley, Chelsea Jacobs, Kendra Bogert, Andy Casto, Ashley Keating, Natasha Hovey, Kimberly Henscheid, Meghan Treasure, … , Renee Bovinette, Benji Johnson, Liza Timmins.

We made a ton of random slip-cast molds then hung them, the result was…

Photos by Andy Casto



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