::: Paint Louis 2014. NTC :::


Ninjas That Color – Paint Louis 2014.

Paint Louis (Full)

With over 500+ writers and painters from all over the nation, a mile long flood-wall in St. Louis becomes a mile long mural and transforms the city into Paint Louis!

Here are a couple videos that my good friend Mr. Moneeezy made of the NTC Kung-Fu action on a 40 ft. high wall without a ladder. Featuring: Drop, Cepose, Mone and Yours Truly.

Thanks to Kenny Dope for the ride and for having my back and to Beelo (TPA) and Company for putting on a fine event. Thanks to “Stote” for the floor and shower, and for housing 2 crews in a one bedroom apartment for 2 days!

Here is the NTC crew wall from 2015 (Video by Mone). I couldn’t paint then due to my advanced liver disease. I’m good now though, thanks to my wife donating 70% of her liver to me so I could live. Now I’m back and better than ever. It’s a blessing to be alive and creating.

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